Tutorial How To Play Clash of Clans On PC or MAC

Maybe we are all addicted to the one of the most viral game on mobile, clash of clans. Everybody spend much time to play. But did you know that we could play this game on your PC / MAC? Sounds impossible but its surely possible. Too good to be true? No. I will tell you here :)

Play Clash Of Clans on PC MAC
Play Clash Of Clans on PC MAC

Play clash of clans on PC / MAC is really efficient. What’s the reason? Definitely we will have a bigger screenplay and of course will not charge your phone’s battery. Interesting enough, right?

Step by step how to enjoy play clash of clans on windows:

1. Grab and Download BlueStacks at http://bluestacks.com. No worry this software is FREE!

2. Just install it after downloading. Open it and Setup your BlueStacks like your android phone. (Sign in with your google account)

3. Point to orange search button and search “Clash of Clans”. CLICK!

4. Google Play will ask your password and Google ID.

5. Run to the main menu of Google Play. Search clash of clans and INSTALL

6. Voilaaa! You’re all done. Happy clashing!  

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